September 24, 2021

I am officially announcing my re-election bid for Edson Town Council.

Council has made such a positive impact on the community over the last 4 years, I’m proud of our progress and I look forward to continuing that work in my second term.

I had the pleasure to serve the Town on many boards during the past term: Youth Council, Edson & District Recycling Society,
West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management Authority, Edson & District
Chamber of Commerce, and the Multi-Use Facility Steering Committee.

My platform hinges on my slogan of ‘Focused on Progress’. I continuously encourage Council into proactive decisions that drive community improvements and prosperity.
As a Councillor, we must not only focus on serving the immediate needs of
our community, but also focus on its long-term needs and goals.

In short, I hope to focus on four areas as Councillor in the next term.

  1. Simplify business development & encourage diversification;
  2. Support parks, trails, & green initiatives;
  3. Expand recreational & cultural facilities through fiscal responsibility; and
  4. Enhance senior & youth services

Over the coming weeks, I will discuss my platform with local voters
and business leaders. Now that I are back on the campaign trail, I look
forward to talking with as many people as possible to hear everyone’s
concerns, offer possible solutions to the many issues our community faces,
and challenge voters to describe the Edson they would like to see by 2025.

My wife and I moved to Edson 24 years ago and we have three beautiful children: Josie, Emily and Jakob. I am a Real Estate Broker and owner of Alpine Realty 3%, and I am an active outdoorsman and martial arts instructor.

Edson has been very good to my family and I believe it’s my responsibility to give something back.

For more information, please go to the Facebook page Troy Sorensen for Edson Town Council. You can also contact me directly at 780-725-3061 or email.