Focused on Roads

Roads have been a major focus for Council, and the recent forum questions from residents validated our concerns. In addition to making road maintenance budgets a priority, current Council has done the planning for long-term scheduling of road infrastructure. Thanks to these plans, roads will be resurfaced in a consistent annual effort, and for maximum cost efficiency.Let me know your thoughts on roads, comment below or contact me by email, messenger, text, or direct call. I would love to hear from you.

Focused on Youth Services

One of my areas of focus is Youth Services. Whether its coaching martial arts or Bantam football, or leading youth on international aid projects, I love to be involved in youth activities.
What youth services would you like to see before 2025? Contact me or comment below, I would love to hear from you!

World Teacher Day

I’m definitely biased, but I know we owe a lot to the teachers and school staff in our community. Throughout the pandemic, they showed up everyday for work, and put their lives at risk to make sure our children have the knowledge and experiences they need to succeed.
Take a couple minutes out of your day to send a text, email, or comment below to thank a teacher for all they do.

Happy Senior’s Day

Seniors play an integral part of society. Seniors deserve their independence, our respect, and to be actively involved in the community. Their wisdom and counsel to younger generations and society as a whole should be recognized. Their experiences and skills should be valued. I am firmly committed to supporting and enhancing community services that support these values.

Current Senior Services In Edson

  • Seniors Connection Kits
  • Chair Yoga and Walking Group
  • Dementia & Brain Health Seminars
  • Senior’s Newsletter
  • Tax preparation services
  • Senior Socials
  • Balance & Joint health classes
  • Leisure +Assist for low incomes seniors
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Senior’s Day socials at EDRS
  • Edson Seniors Transportation Society bus
  • Annual Senior week celebrations
  • Meals on Wheels services at reflections for low income seniors
  • Amazing new Parkland Lodge

Next Term I Will Encourage Council to Provide:

  • Improved and more flexible public transportation strategy that meets the needs of seniors
  • Variety of programs at new Multi-use facility (indoor walking, etc)

My Qualifications

I am asked frequently for this type of information, however I am not sure how important it is to be a good public servant. In my opinion, none of these in particular are worth bragging about, however the list does show my dedication to public service and continual learning.


  • Masters of Science, Environmental Sciences, 1998, University of Alberta
  • Bachelors of Science, Dean’s Honour List with Distinction, 1995, University of Alberta
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Alberta Society of Professional Biologists
  • Interest-based Negotiations course
  • Dealing with Difficult People course
  • Effective Lobbying course


  • Premier’s Award of Excellence: for Integrated Forest Management Planning

Public Service

  • Edson & District Recycling Society Board
  • Edson & District Chamber of Commerce Board
  • West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management Authority Board
  • Intermunicipal Committee, Town of Edson and Yellowhead County
  • Emergency Management Advisory Committee
  • Director of Alberta West Realtors Association AWRA
  • Political Action Committee, AWRA
  • Past-President, Rotary Club of Edson
  • Past-President, Yellowhead Conservative Association
  • West Yellowhead Conservative Association Board member
  • Royal Canadian Legion member
  • Community Care Foundation
  • Community Service Board
  • Area Wildlife Biologist, AB Government
  • Project Lead for Dirty Hands Project: International aid project for Edson youth

Business & Career

  • Owner of Alpine Exposure, advertising agency
  • Owner of Alpine Realty 3%, real estate brokerage
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Top 10 reasons I am supporting the new multi-use facility

Councillors have the privilege of learning a lot of information that is not always translated into press releases and public information posts. Below are the top 10 reasons that I am supporting the project to move forward to the Detailed Design stage.

  1. The primary reason I am supporting this project is because we are getting a high quality $70M facility with only $15M of debt. I don’t believe we will ever get that sweet of a deal in the future. Edson has worked hard to save $20M for the project and we are in a great position to capitalize on a fantastic opportunity.
  2. We are extremely lucky to have a cooperative County that will cost share 50:50. When I travel the province speaking to other town and city councillors they are amazed that we have a County willing to cost share on both the capital and operational budgets; this is extremely rare in the province. With a change in County Council this fall, the stars may never align like this again.
  3. If our Revenue Sharing agreement with the County and our annual MSI grant from the province continue as-is, we could save $15M to cover the debt within a few years of the project’s completion. We are not guaranteed those external funds so we have to prepare our tax payers for the scenario of the $205 tax increase (on average) to pay off the debt.
  4. There are still several opportunities to reduce the overall cost of the project. Although the majority of the latest survey of taxpayers did not identify project cost as a concern, Council is still committed to cut costs through corporate sponsorship, federal/provincial grants, phased development, and plain-old feature/service cuts to the design. Council is actively and sincerely exploring all of these opportunities while maintaining the quality of the project.
  5. There are still opportunities to reduce the impact on tax payers. The latest survey states that half of tax payers do not support the project, primarily due to its impact on taxes. We could adjust fees so a greater proportion of the operational costs are born by the actual users instead of by tax-payers. On the other hand, half of our population are not tax payers (youth and renters) who highly contribute to the community, and want and deserve quality facilities.
  6. Our tax rate is one of the lowest rates in western Alberta. Any argument that residents are excessively taxed, or will leave the community for cheaper tax rates in other towns is unfounded.
  7. Study after study for almost 20 years have clearly said the facility would benefit our community and our economy. Likewise, surveys have stated that our economy is bottle-necked because of its lack of facilities and ability to draw new talent and industries to the community.
  8. Inflation is increasing and the cost of a facility will never be lower. I believe a major construction project will help stimulate the economy and we will be able to procure materials and labour at its cheapest rate in Alberta.
  9. The town is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every year repairing facilities at the end of their lifespan. These are shorts-sighted band-aide solutions to keep the Repsol facility operational while our residents grumble about the pool and rinks.
  10. Last but not least, I ran my election campaign on the need for a new facility. I believe myself and other councillors were clearly elected on that promise and we should carefully proceed with informed decisions toward that goal.

Obviously the Detailed Design may show that this facility is financial unfeasible or geo-technically impossible and my support may change. I promise to keep an open mind going forward and to look at all the evidence when placing my vote to improve the community. I look forward to hearing from everyone with your comments, questions, and concerns.

Attracting new business and labour for economic growth and diversification

September 22, 2017

Recently, I announced my intention to run for Edson Town Council. In my announcement, I made it clear that a huge focus of my platform is to attract new business and labour to stimulate growth and diversify the economy.

Is has become evident in recent years that local residents want more services and better infrastructure from their town, while at the same time no one wants a tax increase to pay for such things. In order to increase the revenue collected by the town without a mill rate increase, the town needs to grow in residential, commercial, and industrial properties; in other words the population needs to grow, and regional businesses need to believe that Edson is best suited for their development.

I will encourage Town Council to take number of actions. First, we need to actively market Edson within Alberta as the best location to relocate their business, plant, or headquarters. Many places in Alberta are already marketing their municipality in trade publications, conventions, and trade shows. I also view the industrial development of lands just outside the town boundary as an indicator of poor policy. We need strategies to attract businesses into Edson, not just outside our boundaries.

Secondly, I want to encourage cooperation and team work between the Town and private businesses. Very often business owners and their staff are directly in tune with the immediate needs of the community and have plenty of ideas on how to improve. We can no longer view private businesses as something that needs additional regulation, but rather a collaborator and stakeholder in our community improvement goals.

Lastly I believe we need better cooperation with the Yellowhead County. The County should also be viewed as a partner to provide joint services, especially for emergency services, but also a partner in facilities and capital expenditures.

In the coming weeks, I plan on talking about my four other campaign promises that includes adding parks, trails, and green initiatives throughout the community; expanding arts, recreation, and event facilities; developing goals and strategies for a proactive long-term growth plan; and enhancing senior and youth services.

20 Things I Love About Edson

Sometimes we forget to recognize the the amazing features and assets that Edson has to offer (in no particular order):


Galloway Station Museum

What a great asset! Not only is this a top notch museum and knowledge source for Edson history, but its Shell Room is one of the best locations for groups and businesses to meet. This is the weekly meeting place for the Rotary Club of Edson.

For more info click Galloway Station museum


 RCMP Centennial Park

This is one of the first things travelers notice when they visit Edson. Its the crown jewel of the town, offering tourists and locals the opportunity stroll around the fountain, and partake in entertainment in the amphitheater.


Edson has a great network of dirt, gravel, and paved trails for locals to get fresh air and enjoy nature.

Back in the 2013 election I proposed a longterm plan for the trail and park system. In 2017 the town completed it with the Master Trails Plan.

Click here to download the trails map


Willmore Park

 I’ve spoken to people that lived here their entire lives without ever visiting Willmore Park, what a shame. This park offers great walking trails and swimming opportunities in the summer, and the best toboggan hill for winter fun. The campsites are also nice and clean with quick access to town if you forgot something.

Click here for map of the park


Edson Bike Park

 Within Willmore Park is the Edson Cycling Association’s new Bike Park. Not only will the park be very popular with locals but it is a huge draw for tourists to the region. I was proud to be a part of Rotary’s funding of the Rotary Pump Track. They are still looking for volunteers and funds so help them out!

For more info visit their page.


Vision Park

Vision Park is nationally famous for its Slo-pitch tournaments and parties in the past.

Council recently approved the Vision Park Revitalization Plan to upgrade the park to modern standards and re-focus the park on provincial and national level sport competition.


Dog Parks

We now have 2 dog parks in town, one centrally located for quick and easy access, and another park south of the train tracks for more privacy and space.

Rotary Skate Park

When I was young I raced BMX (1st place Nationals!) so I know the importance of this park. It gives youth a place to burn off energy, get some exercise, have fun and socialize. Safety will be an ongoing concern at this park, but on a whole its a great asset.

Kinsmen Spray Park

My kids loved this place when we were younger and we have some dedicated volunteers and their sponsors to thank for it. A lot of work went into planning and financing this huge project and it will be loved for years to come.

Red Brick Theatre

Not only a historically important building for the town, the Red Brick Theater offers a place for the development and display of culture and fine arts in Edson.

The Two Highways

People occasionally grumble about the stress or safety of crossing the highway, but from an entrepreneur’s point of view we have twice as much highway frontage as most towns in Alberta. With over 10,000 vehicles driving through our town daily, the highway is a critical economic engine to our success.

Edson Golf Club

Not only does the Edson Golf Club offer a great course with mature trees, but it also features a convenient pro-shop and the Bench Bar & Grill.

Click here for more info.


Edson Public Library

With today’s dependence on technology and immediate access to online formation at our finger tips, you would think that a library is unnecessary. Surprisingly the library has never been busier with locals looking for a place to learn and socialize.

New Hospital

This was a desperate and immediate need for our community. The state of the art hospital will improve not only emergency care but provide longterm care for many health concerns. Now we must make sure that every possible service is provided by the hospital so we don’t need to travel for health care.

New Parkland Lodge

Longterm suites for our seniors was one of my campaign  proposals in the 2013 election.

The new Parkland Lodge contains 18 renovated single-lodge units, 64 new supportive-living lodge units and 23 self-contained lodge units.



We have beautified the downtown area tremendously over the last decade. I still think it can be improved a lot more, but we are off to a great start.


I know what you are thinking “the train?” but without it we would not be here. Not only was it the founding reason for our town, but it continues to drive economic growth and provide stable jobs for its operation.

& West Fraser

Often disregarded but our forestry sector sure has provided steady jobs to thousands of people over the years when the town was going through Oil & Gas boom/busts. We need to actively seek and plan for additional long-term employers like these to diversify our economy.

Ring Road

People don’t always recognize the importance of 22 Ave (Twp Rd 534, Hwy 748), 40st (Bear Lk Road), and the Rodeo road, but they create a route for trucks to circumvent the town, and they provide a quick route for locals to get around. As the town grows, these routes will become more and more important for safety, efficiency, and industrial development.

Soccer Fields

Our soccer fields offer opportunities for local recreation as well as provincial-level sport competition. The size and quality of these assets mean they are important for drawing tourism dollars into our economy.

I had to cut a few things off the list to get a nice round 20.
Did I miss something that is dear to your heart? send me a message